We always try and make sure that our clients have a favorable experience. Here are what some others have had to say about their experience with us. Did you have a good experience with us and would like to let the world know about it? Simply fill out the form to the right about your experience. We’d love to hear from you.

Alicia Ziebell wrote:

“Louann was the best! She was even able to handle my hubby lol! But really, she helped us out with our buying process even when things got crazy and we didn’t want to back out of the deal! Thank you for everything Louann!!”

Thani Markada wrote:

” We were in Illinois, and Louann helped us finding our house in San Antonio. She took care of the details and the negotiation. Very prompt response to any questions we had, always had solutions to the issues that came up. With her help and knowledge made our relocation easier! “

Luther & Betty Foster wrote:

I, Luther O. Foster, Jr. am a retired Realtor, and have bought and sold many properties. My wife, Betty and I have never had a Realtor work so diligently to sell our property as did Louann Hawkins. She helped me with so many decisions that had to be made – suggesting pros and cons if my decision was to be in favor, or against the proposal at hand.

   We listed our property at 103 Georgia Avenue in Lakehills, Texas in November of 2016, and finally settled in February, 2017. We cannot count the many, many times Louann came to our house, filling us in on the status of the transaction, advising as to what to expect and asking if we had any suggestions about what she could do better. She is so professional, and so knowledgeable about her work. She talked to us positively about our property, and made suggestions as to what we could do to speed the process, always saying that she would help. She even offered to pack for us! She was diligent about putting up signs and checking to assure they reflected accurate, up-to-date information, and that they had not fallen down. She brought us copies, with pictures, of comparative properties and their listed selling prices.  She talked straight to us about worth; giving us the ins and outs. She kept nothing back from us. When I suggested a price $10,000 higher than the comparable properties, she said nothing about it being too high; and I eventually retracted my suggestion, But she never said a word about thinking that price was too high, She respected what I wanted.
  Louann was never, ever negative in any way. She worked so diligently to get everything done that was required in the preliminary work. She helped with th survey, arranged for a photographer who took excellent pictures of the interior of our house, which enhanced opportunities for the sale. Louann was more than  helpful in everything at ALL times. She tried so hard to work with the selling agent, and so often, Louann had to cover the problems that the selling agent let slide. She called the selling agent many times to try to help solve the problems created by the negligence on the part of the selling agent, who was obviously just not doing her job. More often than not, her calls were not returned.
   We have nothing negative to say about Louann Hawkins nor about her work. She is very knowlegeable of her profession, and carries out her duties cheerfully and without criticism. She stayed in conact with us at all times, and was always friendly, kind and helpful in every way. We send this E-mail with a huge “thank you” to an excellent Realtor for a job well done!

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